Home in a School


This apartment is situated in a former school building in the Schinkelbuurt in Amsterdam. For the transformation of two former classrooms we proposed a strict separation of intimacy and openness. One classroom and adjacent corridor are joined into a loft-like interior, bringing the front and rear fa├žade together, creating a shared space for living. The other classroom is parcelled into a series of devoted spaces for sleeping and washing. The client wanted an abundance of storage without sacrificing liveable surface area. Therefore storage has been integrated throughout the apartment and is used as a dividing element. The apartment is conceived as a consolidated device for living; dictating an integrated language of form and material. Two hidden doors create unanticipated uncoverings and concealments between adjacent spaces. A two level lighting system allows for uncovered internal windows that let daylight penetrate into the core of the house. Original elements, such as internal windows and sinks, have been (re) used in a fragmented manner. And lastly, views of the green surroundings are framed from spaces such as the bathroom, bed and toilet.

  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Year: 2013
  • Programme: Residential
  • Status: Completed